Microsoft Developing Web-Focused Windows 12 Variant for Education Market

According to multiple sources close to Microsoft, the company is indeed working on a new web-focused variant of Windows 12. This variant is intended to be a direct competitor to Chrome OS and will be tailored for specific markets, particularly the educational sector.

The web-focused Windows 12 will not replace the traditional Win32 desktop experience but will offer a more modern, modular, and lightweight version of Windows specifically designed for low-end educational devices. Microsoft has confirmed the formation of a new team called “Windows and Web Experience” through an internal memo. This team will be responsible for developing the next generations of Windows and web products.

The web-focused variant of Windows 12 is expected to heavily rely on Microsoft Edge and AI. Microsoft is exploring ways to use AI to enhance the intelligence of Microsoft Edge and improve its understanding of web content and user behaviors. This integration of AI is expected to have a significant impact on the development of Windows 12.

Microsoft has been working on modernizing Windows and decoupling its component layers in recent years to create a more lightweight operating system. Windows 10X was one such effort, intended to compete with Chrome OS, but it remained in the experimental stage and never made it to market.

The web-focused Windows 12 is expected to be released in 2024. While the specific features and improvements of this variant are yet to be revealed, it is evident that Microsoft is committed to competing with Chrome OS in the education market.