Oppo Reno 12 and Reno 12 Pro Set to Launch in India with AI-Powered Features

Oppo Reno 12 and Reno 12 Pro, both equipped with MediaTek Dimensity SoCs, have already been released globally and will soon be available in India through Flipkart. The business has previewed AI-powered capabilities on dedicated landing sites created by Flipkart and Oppo India.

Oppo uses artificial intelligence to improve the user experience, streamline daily tasks, and eliminate undesirable background elements. Let’s look into the AI capabilities of these devices.

1. AI-Powered Productivity

The Reno 12 series has the AI Toolbox, powered by Google Gemini LLM, to increase efficiency.

  • AI Summary: This feature generates concise summaries and highlights from long texts, extracting key points, crucial dates, and essential terms to help users quickly understand the information.
  • AI Writer: Improves communication by making smart ideas for posts and comments, assisting users in completing sentences faster, and providing grammar fixes.
  • AI Clear Voice: Uses powerful algorithms to decrease noise by up to 40dB, allowing for clear conversations on conventional calls, WhatsApp chats, and Zoom meetings, even in busy environments.
  • AI Recording Summary: Users can record meetings in English and Hindi for up to five hours. The AI creates notes, summaries, and transcripts, making it simple to remain on top of tasks.

2. AI-Powered Photography

The Reno 12 series incorporates a number of AI-enhanced camera capabilities aimed at simplifying photography and producing professional-quality images.

  • AI Eraser 2.0: This tool removes undesired background distractions with high accuracy. AI Eraser 2.0, trained on a vast collection of photos, has a 98% detection rate, allowing users to easily erase bystanders, stray objects, and distractions.
  • AI Best Face: This technology detects closed eyes in photographs and digitally reopens them. It works especially well in group shots, making every face appear its best.
  • AI Perfect Shot: This function goes beyond typical facial optimization by using massive, independently trained models to provide high-definition details for facial textures, hair, brows, and more.
  • AI Smart Image Matting 2.0: This tool allows users to remove people or pets from photos with a one swipe, making it ideal for adding entertaining extras like emojis or backdrops while saving time editing and enhancing social media content.
  • AI Studio: This fun application converts any photo into a digital avatar, ideal for adding a personal touch to social network messages. Oppo’s facial recognition algorithms evaluate and enhance up to 296 facial features in real time, minimizing blemishes and improving complexion based on skin tone, age, and gender.

3. AI-Powered Connectivity

The Reno 12 series includes novel connection technologies to keep people connected even in difficult situations.

  • AI LinkBoost: optimizes network utilization for various data kinds, decreasing data lag by up to 25% while assuring smooth communication and speedier exchange of messages, photographs, and videos.
  • BeaconLink: Allows for seamless one-on-one phone communications over Bluetooth when a cellular network connection is lacking, ensuring connectivity even in remote regions or areas with spotty network coverage.

4. AI-Powered Battery Optimization

The Reno 12 series includes AI-powered battery optimization to maximize efficiency and extend battery life.

  • Adaptive Power Management: Oppo’s Trinity Engine determines each app’s computational demands and adjusts the processor’s power usage accordingly, reducing lag and increasing energy efficiency.
  • Smart Charging: AI and machine learning algorithms tailor charging behaviors, resulting in safer and more efficient charging that extends battery life and maintains peak performance for over four years.

In Conclusion, The Oppo Reno 12 series, with its extensive list of AI-powered capabilities, is primed to transform smartphone interactions. From photography and productivity to battery management and connection, these advancements promise a more intelligent, efficient, and pleasant mobile experience.